Continuous rain gutters offer the most efficient way to channel and drain rainwater. Have you ever thought of what would happen if you didn't have a gutter system on your home? Rain would fall off the eaves of your roofing system and cause marks in your planting beds and spray muddy debris all over your siding. But more than these aesthetic issues, water could make its way to your foundation or crawl space, causing differential settlement and mold. In addition to protecting the foundation, gutters divert water away from decks and walkways and keep water from weathering the exterior walls of your home. The entire purpose of a gutter system is to divert rainfall to an area where it won't do damage to your home, so make sure that yours does.

What would happen if your gutters were clogged with leaves or other debris? They wouldn't be able to divert the water away from your foundation and would basically be useless. There are two ways to prevent this from happening…cleaning the gutters on a continued basis or finding a way to keep the debris out in the first place. Instead of climbing the ladder once a month to clear out your gutters you could just purchase gutter shields that divert the debris over the gutter while allowing the water through.