Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic panels can be a great addition to your building. Solar electricity provides clean and green energy, protects against rising utility costs and reduces your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, many building owners install photovoltaic panels on their buildings without considering the impact to the roof. A photovoltaic installation with a twenty year life span needs a roof with a comparable life expectancy. Many roof manufacturers now require that existing roofs be upgraded or enhanced prior to a photovoltaic installation. Failure to comply with these requirements or performing the work with non-certified installers can void your roof warranty and increase the potential of premature roof failure; a real problem once a roof is covered with panels. For that reason, Carolina Roofing works with most of the major photovoltaic companies in the RDU area to determine if roof remediation is necessary. After the remediation is completed, we install your chosen solar package meeting or exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications.