Roofing Replacement, Holly Springs, NC

We recommend roofing replacement when a repair isn’t a viable option.

It’s not always easy to know when the roof on your home or business is nearing the end of its functional lifespan. After all, most property owners don’t spend a lot of time on their roofs, as doing so can be dangerous. But you may notice a few warning signs of roofing concerns, such as shingles that are starting to curl or accumulate on your property, dark patches on the roof, or patches of light shining through the top level of the structure. You may also experience a major storm that causes enough damage that your roof needs attention. No matter what may arise at your property, you can count on our team at Carolina Roofing & Vinyl Siding for all your roofing needs. One of our services is roofing replacement, which you may need if your roof is old or heavily damaged.

Roofing Replacement in Holly Springs, North Carolina

A roof made of traditional asphalt shingles will typically last for 15-20 years. If yours is nearing the end of that time period or has been damaged due to weather exposure or a heavy storm, you can contact us to get an estimate for a new roof. We recommend roofing replacement when a repair isn’t a viable option. If a replacement is the best choice for your structure, we’ll start by removing all the old materials and disposing of them. We will then replace the moisture-proof barrier before installing new materials. We utilize high-quality shingles from leading brands in the roofing industry. If your Holly Springs, North Carolina property needs a new roof, contact us for roofing replacement service.

At Carolina Roofing & Vinyl Siding, LLC, we offer roofing replacement services in Clayton, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, Holly Springs, and Apex, North Carolina.