4 Significant Benefits for Choosing Solar
Power [infographic]

4 Significant Benefits for Choosing Solar Power
Have you been considering adding solar panels to your home? The use of residential solar power is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many reasons why. Below are just a few of the benefits for choosing solar power:

  1. Clean, renewable energy – Using solar energy has a great impact on the environment. It reduces the use of fossil fuels, such as propane. The reduction of fossil fuel use can help curb pollution, mitigate climate change, and reduce water scarcity.
  2. Tax incentives – If you ae considering solar, acting quickly can help you qualify for federal solar power tax credit, a 26% tax credit for 2020 and 22% for 2021.
  3. Reduced energy costs – The amount you save in energy costs depends on the amount of power you typically use. However, your savings will likely grow over time as utility costs increase.
  4. Increased property value –Solar energy can significantly impact your property value and make your home more enticing to buyers.

4 Significant Benefits for Choosing Solar Power [infographic]

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