Do You Need Commercial Roofing Repair?

If you are a property manager or you are in charge of the maintenance for a commercial building, you likely have many tasks that occupy your time and a countless list of tasks to complete. Here at Carolina Roofing & Vinyl Siding, LLC, we highly recommend that you don’t let the roof of your property become forgotten, as a neglected repair can result in costly damage. To make sure your roof is in good shape, keep an eye out for these signs that you may need commercial roofing repair:

  • Moisture – If you find water stains on your ceilings or moisture in your insulation, you will want to get your roof inspected for leaks.

  • Sagging or bubbles – If your roof is sagging, you may have a problem with the top surface of your roof. Bubbles on your roof (typically only visible while on the roof) are an indication of moisture under the top layer of roofing. In either case, you should seek roofing repair soon.
  • Downspouts – If during a rainstorm you are not getting as much water as you should be through your exterior downspouts, you may have a problem with pooling or clogged drains and should get a commercial roofing expert out to inspect the problem.
  • Increased energy bills – Your commercial roof’s reflectivity can help keep energy costs down. If the roof has lost reflectivity, you will notice it in your energy bill.

If you do need commercial roofing repair, our team at Carolina Roofing & Vinyl Siding, LLC can provide you with solutions. We use high-quality products and careful craftsmanship because we are passionate about making repairs that last because we know you have plenty of other things to think about. For reliable commercial roofing repairs, give us a call today.