Do You Need Gutter Replacement? Watch for These Warning Signs [infographic]

Gutters help protect your home by collecting the excess water from your roof and redirecting it away from your home and your foundation. When gutters work well, they are a great asset to your home, but if they are damaged or clogged, they can create additional problems and contribute to water damage or other issues around your home. Gutters do require regular maintenance and inspections, including removing clogs, particularly in the autumn or other times that plants are shedding foliage. You can also consider adding gutter guards to reduce these issues. Even with proper care and maintenance, it will eventually be time to consider gutter replacement.

Do You Need Gutter Replacement? Watch for These Warning Signs

The good news is that you will generally not find yourself suddenly needing gutter replacement. By watching for these warning signs, you will protect your home from damage and maximize the life of your gutters:

  • Gutters are sagging or pulling away: Detached or fallen gutters represent a serious problem. While they can sometimes be reattached, replacing them is often a more cost-effective and long lasting solution.
  • Gutters are cracked or broken: Because gutters need to be watertight, cracked or broken gutters are very hard to repair. Warped, bent gutters are much more likely to cause water damage to the exterior of your home (or even allow water to seep inside your home).

Do You Need Gutter Replacement? Watch for These Warning Signs [infpgraphic]

  • Signs of water damage or rotting: Gutters generally protect areas like door frames and windowsills from water damage. If you notice issues in these areas, faulty gutters could be the cause. Mold, mildew, moss or signs of rust and corrosion are other possible signs.
  • Foundation issues: Cracks and other signs of water damage at the foundation could be related to the gutters not performing properly. 

If you have concerns about your gutters, don’t wait to talk to a professional about possible gutter replacement.