What Do Your Gutters Really Do?

Most of us are only aware of our gutters at the downspout, where water shoots out at the base of the gutter and close to the ground during a storm. The water usually travels away from your home, directing the water to a different location where it then evaporates or is absorbed into the ground. This doesn’t sound too fancy, does it? In truth, this is really only a small part of what gutters do and is the end result of all their hard work overhead . . . as part of the roofing system.
When you look up and see gutters attached to your roof overhead, you should take heart that they are serving an important purpose. Anytime there is inclement weather, water washes down your roof into the gutters, where it is safely carried away. This simple system protects your room from water damage, your home’s interior from water intrusion, and your home’s foundation from erosion. Those are some pretty serious benefits!

That means that maintaining your gutters year-round is critical to the health and safety of your room. Roof and foundation repairs are both very expensive, and something like a great gutter system is an important preventative measure you should take when it comes to reducing your home maintenance and repair costs.

If your home doesn’t currently have a gutter system or your gutters are in disrepair, call on us at Carolina Roofing & Vinyl Siding, LLC for the services you need to restore your gutters and enjoy an effective moisture control solution.